About Rae of Light Wellness
Located in historic Newburyport, MA, we specialize in alleviating
symptoms of
Lyme Disease and co-infections
through the use of Biomagnetic Therapy and Kinesiology.
Rae of Light Wellness
Rae of Light Wellness
Rae of Light Wellness


Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy

A comprehensive, unique & innovative treatment targeting the symptoms of Lyme Disease by applying magnets in specific coordinating pairs on the body.


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Reiki - derived from "Rei" or "Universal life," and "Ki" or "energy" - is a hands-on healing art of Japanese origin. Shamanic Reiki is the blending of two energy healing modalities.

Rae of Light Wellness

54 State Street Suite #3

Newburyport, MA


Tel: 978-479-0649

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