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Rae of Light Wellness, specializes in restoring well-being for those suffering from Lyme Disease, and related co-infection symptoms, using holistic magnetic and energetic therapies. 

Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy

What is Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy?

Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy is a comprehensive, unique and innovative treatment that targets the symptoms of Lyme disease by applying magnets in specific coordinating pairs on the body. This creates a PH environment in the body where pathogens such as bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses are unable to thrive. Magnets pairs neutralize the vibrational signature of the pathogen, creating a hostile environment, in which pathogens can not survive allowing the body to release them.

What to Expect From a Session

An initial session is the longest, lasting between an hour and a half to two hours. This is when we determine how many sessions you will need and what your healing protocol will look like. If you have had Lyme Disease for more than three years, your condition is considered chronic. Every body and healing journey is different, so sessions needed can range anywhere from 5-25.

A kinesiology assessment is done to determine where magnet pairs need to be placed on the body and for how long. Our bodies are brilliant and have all the answers. Kinesiology allows us to get those answers.


I alternatively use a pendulum to determine points and other treatment related information.


Based on the information gathered from the kinesiology assessment, magnet pairs are placed on the body in specific locations for about 20 minutes. During this time, many people feel very relaxed and often drift off to sleep.

In addition to the magnet therapy, often times there are mental and emotional components of Lyme disease that need clearing from the subtle body. Through my extensive energy healing training, I am able to assess where energy needs to be released. With clients consent, I will do this while the magnets are on the body.

In the beginning, you may be coming every 7-12 days, as you move throughout the protocol, sessions can be spaced out further, between 10-14 days. This is when you start to feel improvement, and you may think you don't need any more treatments. It is crucial to not give up at this time! Lyme Disease is complicated with many co-infections and pathogens and if you do not complete the full protocol, your symptoms will come back. It may not be in a few weeks, it may be when you experience a life crisis or other stress in your life and symptoms will expose themselves again.

Complimentary Consultation

Schedule A Complimentary Consultation

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Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic Reiki

What is Shamanic Reiki?

Shamanic Reiki is the blending of two energy healing modalities.


Reiki is a hands-on healing art of Japanese origin. Reiki is derived from "rei" meaning "universal life" and "ki" meaning "energy". There are no harmful or negative side effects from Reiki. Reiki does not follow any specific religion or belief and is natural and safe for everyone.

Reiki treats the whole person-mind, body, emotions and spirit creating many beneficial effects including feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki is not a cure for disease or illness but may assist the body in creating an environment that facilitates healing. Reiki is a great tool to favor traditional medicine and is often used in hospitals and medical care settings.

What is Shamanism?

A Shaman is one who works with healing the spirit or soul. Knowledge and insight is gained from communicating with the client’s spirit guides and own guides. A Shaman removes energetic blocks and debris from the energy field or aura, allowing more positive, transformed energy to fill its place. This opens up opportunities for healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What to Expect from a Session

Upon arrival, we talk for a moment about what they expect to get out of a session and if there is an area that the client feels needs extra attention. An intention is set  for the session at this time.


They will then lay on a massage table fully clothed. If essential oils are being used in the session, some will be applied before the session begins and others at the end. A series of hand patterns are followed that involve light touch over the body.


Many people enter a state of deep relaxation and meditation. I connect in with their higher self and spirit guides to know where the healing is needed most and often get messages for them around their most pressing issues in their life at that time. I also connect with their holographic body to see where energetic blocks or cords may be and which chakras need clearing and balancing.


I often find it necessary to communicate with the client throughout the session so that they are involved in the healing process. This has shown to be most effective so that they are aware of the clearing and healing taking place.  When the session is over, I let the client know, and allow them to come back to a fully awake state when they are ready.

Meet Meagan

Meet Meagan Rae

My journey into wellness, and healthy living, began at the young age of 14, when I began reading nutrition labels.  At the age of 17, I started practicing yoga daily. In doing so, I awoke the inner power of a healthy mind-body connection - a practice that continues to this day.

After graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 2000, I spent ten years in an unfulfilling career as a Mortgage Underwriter. I knew I needed a change. I wanted to feel passionate about my career. The career I so deeply desired finally manifested itself the day I became certified as a Reiki Master. I continued my journey by developing healing skills through classes on meditation, aromatherapy, herbalism, akashic record reading and intuitive development.

However, throughout these positive life changes, I continued to fight a silent, personal battle with agonizing stomach pain - a battle I had been fighting for years.  Every day, I was burdened by agonizing stomach pain. There was nothing I could do to alleviate the pain. At the end of my rope, and out of options, I began to accept that I would live the rest of my life with painful digestive problems, eating only fruits and vegetables.


One miraculous day, my life changed direction when a friend referred me to a magnetic therapy specialist, Janelle Salzman of NH Health and Wellness. [M1] After five visits, 20+ years of constant discomfort, and chronic pain, slowly dissipated until, finally, I was healed.  After a period of stuffing my face with all the foods I deprived myself of for three years, I settled into a healthy diet of mostly organic vegetables, fruits, chicken, legumes and sprouted grains.


I knew I needed to learn this modality called Lyme Magnetic Protocol. In November 2016 I trained with Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness in Woodstock, VT.  Although I didn't have Lyme disease, I was able to benefit from magnet therapy. 


If we don't have our health, we can't live our best life, if we can't live in full joy, we can't put our best selves out there in this world, and if you ask me, what is the point of living if we can't do that?

Meagan Rae of Rae of Light Wellness

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Lyme Magnetic Protocol with Joan Randall of Integrative Wellness


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Three year training in Healing School at The Robbat Center


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