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Shamanic Reiki

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Shamanic Reiki is the blending of two energy healing modalities.

A hands-on healing art of Japanese origin, Reiki is derived from "rei" meaning "universal life" and "ki" meaning "energy". There are no harmful or negative side effects from Reiki. Reiki does not follow any specific religion or belief and is natural and safe for everyone.

Reiki treats the whole person-mind, body, emotions and spirit creating many beneficial effects including feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki is not a cure for disease or illness but may assist the body in creating an environment that facilitates healing. Reiki is a great tool to favor traditional medicine and is often used in hospitals and medical care settings.

A Shaman is one who works with healing the spirit or soul. Knowledge and insight is gained from communicating with the client’s spirit guides and own guides. A Shaman removes energetic blocks and debris from the energy field or aura, allowing more positive, transformed energy to fill its place. This opens up opportunities for healing on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

What is Shamanism?

Reiki Treatment

What Should I Expect?

Upon arrival, we talk for a moment about what they expect to get out of a session and if there is an area that the client feels needs extra attention. An intention is set  for the session at this time.


They will then lay on a massage table fully clothed. If essential oils are being used in the session, some will be applied before the session begins and others at the end. A series of hand patterns are followed that involve light touch over the body.


Many people enter a state of deep relaxation and meditation. I connect in with their higher self and spirit guides to know where the healing is needed most and often get messages for them around their most pressing issues in their life at that time. I also connect with their holographic body to see where energetic blocks or cords may be and which chakras need clearing and balancing.


I often find it necessary to communicate with the client throughout the session so that they are involved in the healing process. This has shown to be most effective so that they are aware of the clearing and healing taking place.  When the session is over, I let the client know, and allow them to come back to a fully awake state when they are ready.

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