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Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy

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Lyme Magnetic Protocol Therapy is a comprehensive, unique and innovative treatment that targets the symptoms of Lyme disease by applying magnets in specific coordinating pairs on the body. This creates a PH environment in the body where pathogens such as bacteria, fungus, parasites and viruses are unable to thrive. Magnets pairs neutralize the vibrational signature of the pathogen, creating a hostile environment, in which pathogens can not survive allowing the body to release them.

Your First


An initial session is the longest, lasting between an hour and a half to two hours. This is when we determine how many sessions you will need and what your healing protocol will look like. If you have had Lyme Disease for more than three years, your condition is considered chronic. Every body and healing journey is different, so sessions needed can range anywhere from 5-25.

A kinesiology assessment is done to determine where magnet pairs need to be placed on the body and for how long. Our bodies are brilliant and have all the answers. Kinesiology allows us to get those answers.


I alternatively use a pendulum to determine points and other treatment related information.


Based on the information gathered from the kinesiology assessment, magnet pairs are placed on the body in specific locations for about 20 minutes. During this time, many people feel very relaxed and often drift off to sleep.

In addition to the magnet therapy, often times there are mental and emotional components of Lyme disease that need clearing from the subtle body. Through my extensive energy healing training, I am able to assess where energy needs to be released. With clients consent, I will do this while the magnets are on the body.

Stones on Foot

Follow-Up Sessions

In the beginning, you may be coming every 7-12 days. 

As you move throughout the protocol, sessions can be spaced out further, between 10-14 days. This is when you start to feel improvement, and you may think you don't need any more treatments. It is crucial to not give up at this time!


Lyme Disease is complicated with many co-infections and pathogens and if you do not complete the full protocol, your symptoms will come back. It may not be in a few weeks, it may be when you experience a life crisis or other stress in your life and symptoms will expose themselves again.

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